"I would advise against close proximity until the contract has been drawn up," said the machine. "It may be hungry."

Friday, 11 January 2013

About "All the Way Home"

After a terrible accident at CERN, Louie Gage, a present-day 14-year-old boy, finds himself stranded in another galaxy an unknown distance from Earth.

At first, stuck on an apparently deserted planet, just staying alive seems both impossible as well as an all-consuming task, but, through luck and perseverance, he reaches sanctuary and is able to begin his search for home.

In his quest, he's both helped and hindered by an unusual assortment of aliens and machines - but finding his home won't be easy in a universe of over two hundred and fifty billion galaxies. And just who is trying to kill him and why? And just how, exactly, do you travel faster than light?

Join Louie as he navigates his way through a galaxy of bad-tempered sentient stomachs, monstrous doctors with excellent bedside manners, intelligent (and not so intelligent) machines, as well as the enigmatic Mr Mynana - and not forgetting the importance of having a correctly worded contract with a Hastros if you don't want to be eaten...

"All the Way Home" is a full-length sf novel for readers of all ages from twelve upwards.

You can pick up an extended excerpt of the first half of the book in PDF format here: All The Way Home Sample.pdf

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